Strategic work in practice shows that it is important for development to focus on the link between the creative opportunities to add value to the customers and the organisation's own competencies to implement these actions.


competenceWeb® background

Many organisations lack an in-depth understanding of their own competencies in relation to the value that these competencies might add. The process should be based on customer values and then 'mirror' these values into the organisation in order to formulate the derived competence requirements for the organisation.


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The book CompetenceWeb shows how the link between the creative opportunities and the needed competencies in the organisation can be created systematically. The method can be used in all company sizes.


Practical handbook for practitioners:


It is a practical handbook in implementing the CompetenceWeb® concept in your own organisation. The target audience is practitioners who want to create significantly better and more profitable business development.


The CompetenceWeb® concept especially focus on 'setting the organisational forces free' for business development through improved application og knowledge and resource in the organisation. Thereby 'silos' are removed and 'shared aim' can be created.


The concept needs to be adapted in each organisation. This is highlighted in the book for practitioners to be able to understand how this can be done. Examples emphasize under what circumstances adaption would be appropriate. It means that the book can inspire anyone who wishes to increase the competence development in the organisation - from the board to different management levels and to individual employees.


In addition, the book is structured so that it can be read quickly through the short summaries and guides in the end of each chapter. This means that the busy reader quickly can get an overview. Furthermore, the book is provided with notes that help the practitioner who likes to go further into the details of the individual topics with additional information.


Often the CompetenceWeb® process will require a project manager - external and/or internal for facilitation of both creative and systematic process tools. In addition, knowledge about business contexts is beneficial for business development to be supported as much as possible.


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