Represents the link between the possibilities for creating value and the organization's ability to successfully implement the opportunities.



Tove Brink

Focusing on the company's ability to create value for their customers and the necessary inter- organisational efforts connected with creating that value

Focusing on the link between the organisation's own competencies and how we creatively can add value to our customers

Focusing on the link between organisational preferences, the business model and the generation of cash flows to create value in the company

It is a process that aims for creativity through concrete tools while still mantaining creativity in an easily understandable structure that can be communicated and used for development within the company.

What CompetenceWeb® is?

The concept consists of seven steps:


  • Uncover customer values.
  • Uncover the needed competencies.
  • Uncover the organisation's value chain.
  • Evaluate the organisation's competencies.
  • Identify strength and weaknesses.
  • Planning competence development initiatives.
  • Execute the competence development.


The process entails a sharp focus on organisational development in relation to the opportunities the organisation has to offer real value to its customer.


The steps are linked together in a circle that continues from the start again after the first completion of the CompetenceWeb process has been done. In the same way the development of the competencies in the organization continues.


A organisational development concept that weaves customer values and competencies to create sustainable growth


For more than 20 years, Tove Brink has worked with strategic and financial management and business development in industry and education, both nationally and internationally. Her experience includes organisational development projects for small and medium-sized companies and for large companies like Danfoss.


Integration of management, employees and other involved knowledge workers into the development process is a key element in all her solutions. This approach ensures that the strategic initiatives undertaken are firmly rooted in the organisation.


The process will always be adapted individually as each company has its own business terms, business ideas and organisational profiles. The book supports the individual adaption by providing alternate suggestions on what to do in different situations. This increases the insight and opportunities for organising a very good process in one's own organisation.



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